Campground Rules

In an effort to make all of our guests’ stays as comfortable and enjoyable as possible each time they return, we ask that they follow some of our simple rules.

  1. Quiet Hours – 9pm – 8am
  2. TRASH – All trash must be bagged properly and thrown in the dumpster or barrels located around the park. No large items like boxes, mattresses or bikes allowed in dumpster. Do not leave trash at your site.
  3. NO washing of RV’s or Vehicles. Anyone caught doing this will be charged a $35.00 fee or asked to leave the campground with no refund.
  4. NO weapons of any sort are allowed in campground.
  5. NO profanity in the park. This is a family campground and there is no need for foul language.
  6. DRINKING – Alcoholic beverages are allowed at your campsite only. No walking around the campground with bottles or cans of alcohol unless they is in a cup or covered somehow.
  7. SPEED LIMIT – Speed limit around the campground is 5MPH. This is strictly enforced due to children, pets and elderly people.
  8. DUCKS & PROPERTY – Anyone caught hurting or chasing our ducks or damaging our property in any way will be asked to leave the campground immediately (no refund).
  9. SITES – Please try to keep your site clean. No outside laundry hanging or trash left around your site.
  10. NO pitching of tents on cabin or RV sites.
  11. FIRES – All fires must be in designated fire rings and watched closely. Do not leave fire unattended and DO NOT MOVE fire pit. It is in that spot for a reason to avoid cable & electric lines underground.
  12. BATHROOMS -Please close the shower curtains while taking a shower to help keep the floor dry. Shut off the lights when you leave the bathroom and make sure the door is closed tight behind you.
  13. POOL – There is no lifeguard on duty so you swim at your own risk. Only registered guests are allowed in the pool. All children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. NO jumping, diving or running allowed in pool and pool area. Horseplay will result in loss of pool privileges. NO food or drink in pool area. Anyone caught sneaking unregistered guests or visitors into the pool will be charged $10 per person or asked to vacate the property with no refund.
  14. PETS – We welcome pets at the campground as long as they are good-natured, you keep them on a leash, and pick up after them at all times. They also must not be unattended at anytime. Anyone caught not picking up after their animals will be asked to leave the campground immediately.
  15. SEWER/DUMP STATION – Please do not throw feminine products, plastic gloves, bottles or anything that should not go down a drain in our sewers.
  16. NO STAKES IN GROUND – We do not allow anyone at anytime to stake anything into the ground. If you want to tie down your awning, you must tie the ropes to a tree or picnic table. No pet stakes in the ground. No lights staked into the ground. Our lines are shallow and you will puncture them and cause everyone to be out of service.
  17. CHILDREN – Children must be watched at all times. An adult must be present at all times in the pool, playground, ponds, bathrooms, etc.
  18. We DO NOT ALLOW the use of 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, or golf carts on the property. We are a small campground and everything is close by but if you do need handicap access to travel from your site to the bathrooms or laundry, we do allow mobility chairs like Hoverounds, mobility scooters, etc.
  19. All visitors, vehicles and guests must be registered and paid for at office. Please notify office of any & all guests you will be having in the campground during your time here.

We hope you understand the need for these rules and hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Lake City Campground is not responsible for anything lost, broken, stolen or damaged on the property.

Campground Rules
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